EXHIBITION PREVIEW | South Africa International Plastic Food Packaging and Printing Industry Exhibition

EXHIBITION PREVIEW | South Africa International Plastic Food Packaging and Printing Industry Exhibition

Exhibition time: 2023.10.24-10.26

Organizer: Fair Consultants, Cape Town, South Africa

Venue: South Africa Cape Town Cape Town International Convention Center

Period: once every three years Exhibition area: 20000 square meters Exhibitors: 415 Visitors: 17950


Exhibition introduction:

As a regional exhibition, ropakCape South Africa Packaging Exhibition is mainly aimed at manufacturers and suppliers in packaging, food processing, printing, labeling and plastic industries, providing a venue for trade, product procurement and training industries. This exhibition is held at the same time as Food Machinery Exhibition, Printing Exhibition, Label Exhibition and Plastic Machinery Exhibition, which can produce good synergy. As one of the important exhibitions in South Africa, each exhibition will attract professional traders from all over the world. According to the follow-up survey after the 2008 conference, more than 85% of them have successfully expanded their communication networks in the industry, and more than 60% have formed purchase intentions. The 2011 Cape Town International Food and Packaging Machinery Fair was strongly supported by the South African Plastics Association and the Packaging Industry Association. General managers, production department managers, quality supervisors, technical developers, engineers and farmers from quality supervision institutions, industry research institutes, machinery processing and production industries were widely invited to visit.

Scope of exhibits

Food processing machinery: beer, beverage, purified water processing machinery, sugar and candy, chocolate processing machinery; Wine, juice processing and packaging equipment, pastry, biscuit and convenient, puffed food processing machinery; Egg and dairy processing machinery; Fruit and vegetable processing and preservation machinery; Aquatic product processing machinery; Rice and flour food and starch processing machinery; Ice cream and cold drinks, refrigeration machinery; Oil deep processing machinery; Condiment processing machinery; Bean products processing machinery; Slaughtering and meat processing machinery; Catering and hotel equipment; Wine making machinery, tobacco machinery, canned food processing machinery, refrigeration equipment, food general machinery, etc

Packaging machinery and accessories: vacuum packaging machine, box pasting machine, bag making machine, filling, filling, sealing, box sealing, labeling machinery, packaging machinery, daily chemical packaging machinery, plastic flexible packaging equipment, drug packaging machinery, plastic machinery, various die cutting tool accessories, etc

Packaging materials: coextrusion composite, stretch blown film, foam sheet, cardboard tube, aluminum foil and aluminum, adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive processing machinery, plastic, metal, food, medicine, green environmental protection and other packaging materials

Packaging container: plastic packaging container, metal packaging container, glass packaging container, green environmental protection packaging technology, packaging anti-counterfeiting technology, packaging design, packaging technology, packaging publishing media, etc

Printing machinery: various types of offset printing equipment, prepress processing system, digital printing and printing equipment, labels, flexible and gravure printing equipment