EXHIBITION PREVIEW | Philippines International Plastic Packaging and Printing Exhibition

EXHIBITION PREVIEW | Philippines International Plastic Packaging and Printing Exhibition

Exhibition time: October 2023

Sponsored by: Global Link MP Events International Inc

Venue: Philippines Marani Philippines Marani SMX Exhibition Center

Period: once a year Exhibition area: 15000 square meters Exhibitors: 314 Visitors: 12800


Exhibition introduction:

Pack Print Plas is a famous packaging and printing industry exhibition in the Philippines. It has received strong support from the local government and relevant institutions in the Philippines. At the exhibition, exhibitors can not only display the latest products of our company, but also enjoy the latest fashion design ideas. They can also take this opportunity to find satisfactory partners and promote the business to a higher level.
The Philippines Manila Printing and Packaging Exhibition has a wealth of exhibits in Pack Print Plas, covering all major areas of the industry, including plastic printing and packaging solutions, materials, and even printing integrated logistics services. By providing manufacturers and exporters with the most advanced export production solutions, it has become a business platform with increasingly close relations with plastics and packaging processing industries.

Scope of exhibits

Packaging: paper packaging, cardboard, corrugated cardboard product packaging, soft plastic product packaging, molded plastic packaging, metal product packaging, glass, ceramic product packaging processing machinery, unpacking machine, loading and filling processing machine, machine accessories, hybrid machines and tools, bag sealing machine, stacking machine, recycling equipment, resin and unsaturated polyester processing machinery, sealing machine, tableware shrink packaging machine, thermal molding machine, thermoforming machine Vacuum forming machine

Packaging materials: paper and cardboard products, soft plastic products, molded plastics, corrugated boxes, metal products, glass, ceramic products, and wood products packaging materials, export packaging, hybrid packaging

Auxiliary equipment and accessories: accelerator, crusher and mixer, dryer, seal, conveyor, unloader, dosage control, trimming, hot foam, vacuum and gas loading, etc; Machines, barcode systems, mixers, bottling control systems, cleaning systems, cutting machines and plotters, dryers, sorting and packaging/leak testing machines, bag blowing machines, food processing machines, grinders, grinders, automatic operators, heaters, warehouse systems, weighing machines, printing brushes: printing equipment: offset printing machines, plate making equipment, die cutting machines, plate printing machines, trademark printing machines

Pre press equipment: desktop production system, advertising creative production system, software, scanner, etc

Post press equipment: paper cutter, binding machine, laminating machine, folding machine, veneer machine, creasing machine, bronzing machine

Special printing equipment: embossing machine, gravure printing machine, silk screen printing machine, business card printing machine; Screen printing technology and equipment Digital printing technology

Printing materials accessories and equipment: printing, composite cots, inks, plates, photographic films, etc

Label marking: label and package printer (metal label printer, mass label, folding box, foam card printer, other label and package printer, label and package printing design software), label machine (adhesive label machine, wet label machine, mixed label machine), marking tools (inkjet system, laser marking system, thermal sensing printing system, hot stamping and blind stamping system, mixed marking tools)