Exhibition time: 2023.9.26-9.28

Sponsored by: Enterprise Fairs (India) Pvt. Ltd. Smart Expos Group KMG business technology

Venue: Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Center, UK

Period: once every three years Exhibition area: 8000 square meters Exhibitors: 500 Visitors: 12000


Exhibition introduction:

Interplas is the largest plastics exhibition in the UK and the only one in the UK that covers all manufacturing processes, technologies and services in the plastics industry. Interplas has always been a showcase for plastic technology innovation and a place for the plastic industry to carry out business in the UK.
Interplas's distinctive technologies include injection molding, rotary molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, vacuum molding, film extrusion, recycling, materials and design. In addition to the exhibition area, extensive workshop reports will be provided from industry leaders, commentators and users who will focus on these technologies and indicate how they will develop in the future.

Scope of exhibits

Rubber and plastics and related: plastic and rubber machinery and equipment, molding machines, auxiliary equipment, plastic and rubber processing, welding technology equipment, molds, raw materials, coatings, plastic additives and auxiliary agents