CGP series precision intelligent industrial regulator

CGP series precision intelligent industrial regulator

● Diversified input signal (mV/V/mA)

● Optional simultaneous display of temperature and pressure

● Relay alarm

● Signal transmission output or communication protocol output


CGP series precision intelligent industrial regulator input can freely choose thermocouple, thermal resistance, voltage, current, and can expand the input and customize nonlinear calibration instrument, and the measurement accuracy can reach 0.1 level. The product adopts advanced AI artificial intelligence PID adjustment algorithm, without overshoot, with self-tuning (AT) function and a new fine control mode. The advanced modular structure provides rich output specifications to meet the needs of various applications, with fast delivery and easy maintenance. The regulator measures the sampling rate of 12.5 times per second, and the minimum control period reaches 0.24 seconds, which can adapt to the control accuracy of rapidly changing objects. User-friendly operation method, easy to learn and use. The instrument allows self-editing of operation authority and interface, and self-set password. Universal 85-265VAC input range switching power supply or 24VDC power supply, and has a variety of panels and dimensions to choose from. The anti-interference performance meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) under harsh industrial conditions.quirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) under severe industrial conditions.