GM series high temperature melt pressure sensors

GM series high temperature melt pressure sensors

● Output signal 3.3mV/V

● Measuring range 0 ~ 2000bar

● Zero calibration at 200℃

● Accuracy better than 0.5% FSO (linear)

● 6-point refifined testing process

● With thermocouple or thermal resistance temperature sensor


Graeff's green-filled high-temperature melt pressure sensors of the GM series are characterized by long service life, high-quality materials, precise measurement performance and food-grade transmission media. our biography

The sensor is entirely made of stainless steel, a special material for the diaphragm, and a coating of titanium and other metals to protect the diaphragm from viscous and abrasive substances. sensor usage

The other materials have passed high-strength tests and are manufactured by special processes. Unlike NaK or Mercury filled media, Green Alloy media filling is less affected by temperature drift and is more stable. because use

environmentally friendly materials, so our sensors can be used in food and pharmaceuticals. All melt pressure sensors different rigid rod lengths and flexible tube lengths are available according to field work

The environment is correspondingly selected in the selection table.